Hi! I’m Liene

I was exactly where you are now.

I’ve always lived a life that looked very successful on the outside.

I graduated from law school, progressed in my career as a lawyer, got married, got my MBA, started a family and worked tirelessly trying to prove my worth and my value.

From the outside, everything looked amazing.
 People told me all the time how good I was or what a great life I had.

But on the inside, I always felt broken.

Because whatever I did was not good enough for me.

In my mind, I had a standard of who I should be, and I could never live up to it.


The problem was my standards kept evolving faster than my own success ever could.

I always felt like a fraud because I thought that others would eventually be able to see what I felt inside. I believed if that happened I would lose everything.

I walked around thinking “If they only knew who I really was”, even though that image was all in my head and wasn’t real.

But then everything changed for me ...

I found coaching and discovered the truth about myself by managing my own mind. Nothing on the outside changed, it all happened within me.

Through this process, I created a massive transformation in my life by using the exact tools that I’ll be teaching you. 

I now know I could be a lawyer with the same success, schedule, and caseload I had before and still be happy, feel successful, and live the life I deserve. 

Today I dedicate my time to coaching female lawyers just like you because I know what it feels like to be where you are and 

I know it is possible to have it all and feel completely fulfilled, happy, and successful at the same time! 

Client's testimonial:
"Working with Liene has literally been a life-changing experience"

We start wherever you are. Today is “Day one”.

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